Thursday, 4 September 2014

100 Cats Exhibition

100 Cats exhibition

I've done a lot of drawings of cats recently, partly because I room shared with Faye Moorhouse's cat Birkin, when Faye and I did our Brighton show, and partly because my sister has just got a new cat, but mainly because I'm going to be part of this 100 cats exhibition. The exhibition is being fantastically organised by Laura Hughes which takes a lot of doing as there are over 30 illustrators involved. It's on between the 11th-14th September at the A-side B-side gallery. There will be a lot of cats!


cats ideas

I'm going to partake in an exhibition in London called 100 cats. It's a group exhibition of artists/illustrators celebrating all things CAT! I've just finished packaging my pieces for the show and will be taking them down this afternoon. These images are essentially my workings out. I'll do another post explaining more about the show in the coming days.